Monsters Inc.

One of my favorite kid movies is Monsters Inc. Students were challenged to create a monster to audition for the next sequel! The littles did a super job on their project! The focus was on the element of line and color, & texture. “A line is a dot that went for a walk,” artist Paul Klee coined. Using oil pastels to create all different kinds of lines going in a horizontal pattern, students then used watercolors to see how the oils resist the paint creating a unique texture. Students could then add barrets, or bowties, or arms to make their monster unique. They flipped over their paper to create a curve and ears/horns to cut out to change the paper shape. This was an opportunity to go over scissor cutting skills. Teaching virtually is challenging but when they send me a photo of their completed work it just makes my heart sing!

I would say they did a fabulous job!

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