Dandelions-Make a Wish!

I wish we could be together-that was my inspiration to create this piece. This watercolor with salt resist embraced cool or warm colors using primary and secondary colors. Students were challenged to think about composition and placement on the paper. The salt resist added a dreamy texture to the work! This lesson could take 2Continue reading “Dandelions-Make a Wish!”

Artist of the Sea

The Whaling Wall, have you seen one yet? There are locations all over the world of life-sized murals of sea creatures. Artist Wyland is an inspiration to young and old. Our project today dealt with concentric circles, value, tints, shades, and silhouettes. Wonderful project for grades 3-5. For materials you can use acrylics or tempera,Continue reading “Artist of the Sea”

Monsters Inc.

One of my favorite kid movies is Monsters Inc. Students were challenged to create a monster to audition for the next sequel! The littles did a super job on their project! The focus was on the element of line and color, & texture. “A line is a dot that went for a walk,” artist PaulContinue reading “Monsters Inc.”