2021 here we go! Spring classes begin 1/14 and run through 4/22. Included are 12 guided, self-paced lessons. I’ve selected 4 themes to work through: Things That GO!, Music & Art, Outer Space, and Marine and Sea Life. Most lessons will take 2-3 sessions to complete because either pieces need to dry or set or after about 45 minutes it’s probably time for your student to take a break and come back fresh for the next step in the process.

A note about supplies: please use what you have on hand. You don’t necessarily need pan watercolors and liquid watercolors or liquid tempera paint and puck cakes. If you have a budding artist and want them, I have provided a link but there is no need to have both kinds, you can certainly make due and work with what you have. I know supplies can be expensive!

Here is the link to sign-up:

Syllabus K-2

Theme: Things That Go!

*1/14Double Decker Bus: shape, value, texture (2 sessions @35min)

*1/21Goodnight Construction Site: shape, color. value, texture (3 sessions @35min)

*1/28Texture Train: shape, texture, line (2 sessions@ 40min)

*2/11Number 1 Sam: shape, movement, space (2 sessions@ 35min)

Theme: Music & Art

*2/18Singing in the Rain: value, shape, form (2 sessions@ 55min)

*2/25Color Theory Xylophone: color theory, shape (2 sessions@ 40min)

*3/11Imagine Pigeon: value, shape (2 sessions @ 50min)

Theme: Outer Space

*3/18Watercolor Rockets: line, blending (2 sessions @ 45min)

*3/25How to Catch a Star: watercolor techniques salt & plastic wrap, scissor skill work (2 sessions@ 45min)

*4/8Rockets in Space: mixed-media, shape (2 or 3 sessions @ 40min)

Theme: Marine & Sea Life

*4/15Mister Seahorse: mixed-media, color, texture, line (3 sessions @40min)

*4/22Fish Bowls: shape, sculpting (2 sessions @40min)

Supplies: oil pastels, liquid watercolors, crayons, 9 x 12 construction paper, ruler, pencils, glue, scissors, assorted paint brushes, tempera paints, metallic tempera paints , chalk pastels, black sharpie, 12 x 18 construction paper, Kwik Stix, skin tone paper, 12 x 18 watercolor paper, tag board, air dry clay, paint palette, mod podge, Notions you probably have already: old rag for paint, water dish, cotton balls, cork, cardboard, cereal boxes, red tissue paper, q-tips, feathers, tin foil, pom poms, bubble wrap, buttons, old toothbrush, old comb, circle tracers (cups, bottles, saucers, etc), paper towels, popsicle sticks, star shaped stickers, sequins, glitter. Also save your construction paper scraps in a box, we often need a small piece for a project.

To access class for grades K-2nd grade:

Syllabus for 3-5

Theme: Things That Go!

*1/14Amelia Earhart: viewpoint, perspective, 3D, emphasis (2 sessions @ 35min)

*1/21Little Blue Truck Landscape: movement, color, texture (2 Sessions @40min)

*1/28Freight Train: high contrast, line (2 sessions @40min)

*2/11Airplane Over Land: space, foreground, background, watercolor resist, texture rubbings (2sessions @55min)

Theme: Music & Art

*2/18Zin! Zin! Zin! A Violin: symmetry, movement (2 sessions @ 55min)

*2/25Trumpet Mixed Media: rhythm, movement, analogous colors ( sessions @60min)

*3/11What a Wonderful World: shape, line, texture (2 session @ 55min)

Theme: Outer Space

*3/18Pastel Planets: space, composition, color (1 session @ 50min)

*3/25Groovy Astronaut: line, pattern (2 sessions @ 45min)

*4/8Constellations: mapping, visual discrimination, mixed media (2 sessions @50min)

Theme: Marine & Sea Life

*4/15Surfacing Whales: collage, value, horizon lines (2 sessions @ 60min)

*4/22Winslow Homer Seascapes: mood, shape, line (2 sessions @55min)

Supplies: oil pastels, crayons, construction paper, ruler, pencils, glue, scissors, tempera paints, watercolor paper, chalk pastels, black sharpie, paint palette, liquid watercolor, assorted paint brushes paint pens, metallic oil pastels, metallic marker, 12×18 construction paper, tempura cakes, markers, colored pencils, Notions you probably have around the house: old rag for paint, water dish, cereal box, old toothbrush, ribbon, masking tape, scotch tape, red/orange/yellow tissue paper, popsicle sticks, circle templates (lid, jar, cup, etc). Get a box to save scrap construction paper, often time we just need a small piece.

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Syllabus for Middle School Art Class

Theme: Things That GO!

*1/14Wright Brothers Flyers: line, loose watercolor technique, salt resist, texture (2 sessions @35 min.)

*1/21Migration Train: negative space, texture (2 sessions @ 40 min)

*1/28Model T Collage: collage, space, line, observation skills (2 sessions @ 40min)

Theme: Music & Art

*2/11Jazz Man: paper collage, color, movement (2 sessions @55min)

*2/18Rockin’ Line Guitar: symmetry, line, pattern (2 1/2 sessions @ 60min)

*2/25Headphone Portrait: portrait, color, texture (3 sessions @ 60 min)

Theme: Outer Space

*3/11Deep Space Universe: mixed media, overlapping, warm & cool colors (2 sessions @50min)

*3/18Wenzel Hablik: expression, splatter painting, shading, composition (2 sessions @50min)

*3/25Lunar Landing: tones, contrast, shadows (2 sessions @ 50min)

Theme: Marine & Sea Life

*4/8Fish Prints: mixed media, monochromatic colors, printmaking, templates (2 sessions @ 35min)

*4/15Clipper Ships: color, movement, line (2 sessions @ 45min)

*4/22Watercolor Tropical Fish: watercolor wet on wet technique, color resist, shape (2 sessions @ 45min)

Supplies: oil pastels, watercolors, crayons, construction paper, tempera cakes,pencils, glue, scissors, assorted paint brushes, tempera paints, watercolor paper, paint palette, wide markers,colored pencils,chalk pastels, black sharpie, liquid watercolors, brayer, 12x18 colored construction paper, 12x18 watercolor paper, Notions you probably have around the house: salt, newspaper, yarn, string, masking tape, glitter, star stickers, cork, sponge, patterned scrapbook paper, old toothbrush, old rag, cup for rinsing paint brush. Keep a box of partially used construction paper, often times we only need a small piece.

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