Ammonite Fossil

Ammonoids are extinct animals that lived in marine environments.  The are characterized by their ridged spiral shell.  Though unknown, they are thought to have been great swimmers and may have even been able to shoot ink at predators.  Here is a video of ammonite fossils washed up on the shore line.  Ask permission to watch it first!

Supplies: heavy watercolor paper, black construction paper, white oil pastel, watercolors, round brush, water bowl, rag, scissors, glue, pencil, salt

Techniques: wet on wet watercolor technique, line, salt resist

Cezanne’ Pears

Think big! Draw a big pear, like bigger than your whole head! We looked a artist Paul Cezanne’s work and reflected on his style of movement and lighting of pears. After examining a couple of real pears we set to work. Acrylic or tempera paint on 12×18 paper. Texture came in by using a paper towel to blot the wet paint.

This is Cezanne’s piece we gazed upon.
This was my example. Using yellow and turquoise made this really pop!