Cezanne’ Pears

Think big! Draw a big pear, like bigger than your whole head! We looked a artist Paul Cezanne’s work and reflected on his style of movement and lighting of pears. After examining a couple of real pears we set to work. Acrylic or tempera paint on 12×18 paper. Texture came in by using a paper towel to blot the wet paint.

This is Cezanne’s piece we gazed upon.
This was my example. Using yellow and turquoise made this really pop!

St. Basil’s Cathedral

This just reminds me of candy, a really big candy house! So much texture and architectural delights! Middle schoolers used watercolors and oil pastels to create a resist so colors wouldn’t run. The oil pastels contained the watercolors! Techniques for this assignment were texture, line, overlay, and watercolor resist. Spires and onion tops embellished with texture to create this wonder!

Love the faces on this one!

Color Theory Basics

Introducing color theory to my middle schoolers. Studying the color wheel we became mixologists! Primary+Secondary=Tertiary. Acrylics or tempera paint in primary, secondary, black and white and a black sharpie are the supplies.

I asked them to name one of their favorite combinations. Keep this in your sketchbook to use as a reference for your next painting.

Look at that adorable mermaid!

Paul Klee Portraits 3-5

Paul Klee coined the term I use all the time, “a dot is a line that went for a walk!” Geometric and organic shapes, line and texture fill this dynamic piece! Oil pastels were used and a double layer was created with cool undertones to give this a moody look. We played a game using number and shapes to create a unique portrait.

Matisse Skateboards

Middle schoolers got to blend the old with the new in this project. A look into the life of Matisse and his creating with scissors inspired this project. Students were challenged to personalize their skateboard to share a bit of their interests. We discussed organic and geometric shapes, along with texture, sizing and composition.

A girl and a love for her chickens made a skateboard in Mandisa’s honor!

Dandelions-Make a Wish!

I wish we could be together-that was my inspiration to create this piece. This watercolor with salt resist embraced cool or warm colors using primary and secondary colors. Students were challenged to think about composition and placement on the paper. The salt resist added a dreamy texture to the work! This lesson could take 2 sittings: one to create the dandelions and another to paint the background and use the salt resist.

Artist of the Sea

The Whaling Wall, have you seen one yet? There are locations all over the world of life-sized murals of sea creatures. Artist Wyland is an inspiration to young and old. Our project today dealt with concentric circles, value, tints, shades, and silhouettes. Wonderful project for grades 3-5. For materials you can use acrylics or tempera, black construction paper, scissors, glue, heavy paper.

Cutting with scissors takes practice! Love the dabbled water light on this one!

Sea animals vector silhouette creatures characters cartoon ocean wildlife marine underwater aquarium life water graphic aquatic tropical exotic beasts illustration.

We looked at examples of silhouettes to create our sea creatures.